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Family Wonderful Life! GIEC's New Products are Showcasing at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)

Release time:2019-04-17

April 13-16, 2019, Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition) held on as scheduled. With the advent of the intelligent age and the application of 5G technology, various fields are building a nall-round information ecosystem centered on users, the big era of the Internet of everything has begun. This Fair shows us how technology makes life intelligent, convenient and comfortable. Technology is changing our lives step by step, making life smarter and better.

At this Fair, GIEC not only brought Tablet PC, Android OTT Box, Set Top Box and other classic products, but also launcheda series of smart home products, such as intelligent door lock, intelligent bulb lamp, intelligent desk lamp learning machine and intelligent socket. These new products have been well received when they debuted at the Hong Kong electronics Fair.

GIEC Intelligent door locks solve the problem that users often forget to bring their keys. Five ways of unlocking make the unlocking process more diversified and cool. Intelligent bulb lamp that can be obedient, desk lamp that can tell a story and intelligent socket that can save electricity are all equipped with unique skills, refresh the traditional cognition of the audience, let the scene audience experience the beautiful intelligent life.

AI Speaker series also attracted attention at the exhibition, It is the result of continuous innovation and deepening development of GIEC in video and audio products. Relying on years of technical accumulation in the video and audio industry, integrate innovative AI technology,it achieves intelligent while guaranteeing high-fidelity sound effects, it cannot only play high-quality music, but also realize intelligent home scene control and voice interaction function, which is a magnificent transformation from the traditional video and audio industry to intelligence.

Tablet PC, Android OTT Box and Set Top Box series of products have always attracted the attention of new and old customers. Stick to the original intention, keep improving and keep innovating make these three series of products continue to gain the support and trust of new and old customers with unique advantages in today's emerging audio and video products.

Based on years of technical accumulation,GIEC will continue to deeply develop the video and audio industry, and by integrating cloud computing, AI and IoT, make effort to construct the smart family ecosystem and truly realize the interconnection of everything, so that every family can enjoy the "smart family wonderful life".

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