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GIEC won the vice president of China Electronics Audio Industry Association

Release time:2019-04-01

The 10th member representative conference of China Electronic Audio Industry Association was grandly held in Grand Hyatt Guangzhou from March 28th to 29th, 2019. Giec was invited to attend this conference.

Zhou Haichang of China Electronic Audio Industry Association gave a work report to the Ninth Council, expounding that in the past five years, the Association has overcome difficulties and grasped the difficulties in the context of global economic slowdown and China’s economic growth entering a new normal. The development trend of opportunities has also made detailed analysis and planning for the development of the entire electronic audio industry in the future. Meanwhile, the meeting also held the election of the first board of supervisors and the vice-supervisor of the board of supervisors, and elected the tenth president, vice president,secretary-general, supervisor and executive director of the China Electronic Audio Industry Association. In the end, Shenzhen Giec Digital Co., Ltd. was elected as the vice president of China Electronic Audio Industry Association. At the same time, Mr. Huang Rongtian, the chairman of Giec Digital, won the “China Electronic Audio Industry Leader “ award.

Facing the current domestic and international economic situation, Mr. Huang Rongtian, Chairman of Giec, made a wonderful speech on how Chinese private enterprises can stand on their own and seek longer-term development.

As a brand enterprise that has been cultivating in the audio industry for nearly 20 years, under the call of the new era background, Giec gradually promotes the transformation and upgrading oftenerprises in the direction of Internet+, intelligence, and environmental protection,and implements the innovation-driven strategy! Giec has made breakthroughs in digital home entertainment and smart home, and with the continuous advancement of 5G technology and the gradual maturity of AI applications, Giec will bring more intelligent audio-visual products based on IoT.

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