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Move towards high-end intelligence! GIEC wins Apple MFi certification

Release time:2019-03-15

Recently, GIEC successfully passed the MFi certification of Apple and became a MFi member manufacturer. Apple MFi certification is a license for the accessory manufacturer, mainly to ensure Apple's brand image and user safety. Obtaining Apple's MFi certification marks that GIEC's manufacturing scale and technical strength have been recognized and trusted by Apple!

MFi certification has a very strict certification process. Enterprises applying for MFi must first meet the requirements of having a certain scale of production, owning a brand, and having a certain position in the industry. At the same time, they are required to obtain certifications in various aspects such as quality and environmental protection. Secondly, the applicant company must pass rigorous testing of multiple links, including product quality testing, technical parameter testing, and compatibility testing with IOS products. Finally, the inspection products will be sent to the United States for professional testing at Apple's headquarters. It is reported that the pass rate of MFi license is only 2%, and it can be authorized by Apple MFi to prove that it has been in the forefront of the industry in terms of production, hardware and technology.

After passing the MFI certification, GIEC will continue to rely on high-end manufacturing advantages and R&D technology advantages to further promote the internationalization strategy. With the commissioning and operation of GIEC Industrial Park, GIEC has introduced advanced high-end manufacturing equipment and components. Dozens of advanced electronic product lines and intelligent CNC workshops enable the MES system (Intelligent Manufacturing Information Platform) to gradually develop in the direction of specialization, intelligence and high-end! In the future, GIEC will continue to bring more high-tech products with novel design and exquisite craftsmanship to the global users!

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