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Good news: GIEC HA860A TV audio has been awarded the " CGEC" by China Electronics Audio Industry Association

Release time:2022-11-10

Recently, in the centralized evaluation activity of " CGEC" sponsored by China Audio Industry Association, many well-known companies in the field of audio equipment competed for the evaluation of "CGEC". After rigorous testing and evaluation by the association, the newly launched HA860A TV audio of GIEC had excellent performance in subjective listening evaluation, total harmonic distortion plus noise, signal-to-noise ratio, poor amplitude-frequency response, noise level, etc., and was officially rated as "CGEC".


To become a CGEC product, these hard core indicators must be passed. Because the test data of the sound is the most direct test standard for the sound, and it is also the most authentic and objective evaluation of the sound. What are the advantages of GIEC Xiaoheiba suit HA860A that has passed CGEC? Let's take a look at the test data of the hard core indicators:

Test indicator one: total harmonic distortion plus noise of the power amplifier(THD+N)

Harmonic distortion refers to the additional harmonic components that the output signal has more than the input signal when the signal source is input. Harmonic distortion is caused by the system is not perfectly linear, it is usually expressed as a percentage. The sum of all additional harmonic levels is called total harmonic distortion. The total harmonic distortion of hi-fi speakers generally does not exceed 1%. HA860A uses TI power amplifier chip, which is the leader in the industry. Of course, THD+N is not bad. The frequency response of the final test is basically within 1%, which is close to the level of high-fidelity speakers.


Test indicator 2: what is the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR)? That is, the ratio of the voltage of the output signal of the amplifier to the noise voltage output at the same time. Generally speaking, the higher the SNR of the audio, the less noise mixed in the signal and the "cleaner" the sound. In a quiet environment, there will be obvious noise when the sound is lower than 70dB. Watching movies at home also needs to pay attention to "immersion", so in order to have a better sound experience, when choosing speakers, try to choose products with a SNR of 75dB or more. An excellent TV audio system has a higher SNR. The SNR of the subwoofer of the Xiaoheiba set HA860A is 97dB, and the SNR of the soundbar is 86.12dB. This result is enough to reassure.

Subwoofer  SNR

Soundbar SNR

Test indicator 3: We know that when the left and right frequency response curves of a speaker are very different, especially at high frequencies, the sound will be erratic and the sound image will be unstable. A speaker with a flat frequency response curve will have a very pleasant and comfortable listening experience. Frequency Response Curve Difference of the left and right channels of HA860A is 3dB, and the high frequency is even less than 1dB. The entire frequency curve is very flat, there are no large peaks and troughs, which shows that the entire speaker design is still remarkable.

Frequency response curve

Test indicator 4: The noise level of the TV audio system is mainly to test the noise level of the whole machine when it is turned on or not working. The lower the sound pressure level, the lower the noise floor of the speaker. Usually, some professional anechoic chambers will be less than 30dB. Generally, the noise floor in a normal environment should be above 30dB. If it exceeds 50dB, it will affect sleep, and if it exceeds 70dB, it will interfere with conversation and work. The noise level test result of HA860A is 21.9dB, that is to say, there is very little interference when it is not working.

noise level

The above four indicators are the necessary conditions for "CGEC", which will also provide an important reference for consumers to choose and buy, and reduce the entanglement of users' choice with objective and scientific test indicators. At the same time, the CGEC evaluation activity also provides an authoritative industry endorsement and a display platform for high-quality products for outstanding companies.

HA860A TV Audio Set

The evaluation from the most authoritative point of view in the industry is a high-standard inspection of HA860A. The passing of the inspection of HA860A is the accumulation and precipitation of GIEC in the audio field for decades, and countless precise acoustic tests by the senior acoustic team. GIEC will continue to stick to its original intention, focus, deepen and improve in the field of audio-visual products, live up to love, live up to trust!

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