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GIEC Successfully held the 2023 Marketing Management Training Course

Release time:2023-05-15

 On May 13-14, GIEC held a two-day marketing management training course to strengthen the marketing management ability of enterprise personnel and further enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. The company especially invited top marketing practical expert Mr. Yang Jianwei to teach on-site for this marketing management training course, which covered marketing and strategic relationship, insight into customer business needs, marketing customer value, operating customer and customer relationships, etc. The teacher also conducted a case practice exercise on the classroom site.

GIEC attaches great importance to this training course, and Chairman Huang Rongtian took time out of his busy schedule to participate in the entire training process. In addition, the senior executives and sales personnel from our sales departments also participated in this training,a total of 50 people.

At the beginning of the course, Gu Chaoyang, the general manager of GIEC, delivered an opening speech and said: " I hope this training can make everyone deepen their understanding of marketing principles. We need to combine the theory with concrete practice and then take action so that we have a clearer direction and goals to implement our work.

After that, the training course officially started, and Mr. Yang Jianwei launched a wonderful content explanation. There was a strong learning atmosphere at the training session, everyone listened carefully and took notes to grasp the knowledge.

During the interactive Q&A session, the participants debated in small groups, and the group members spoke enthusiastically and actively discussed the practical challenges they encountered in their work with Mr. Yang Jianwei. Ms. Yang Jianwei also gave them detailed counseling and made targeted suggestions for improvement. 

The three outstanding members of the course received exquisite gifts and took a group photo with Teacher Yang Jianwei as a souvenir. GIEC members all feel that this training has benefited greatly and will absorb the knowledge from this training course and apply it to practice. They will use new ideas and measures for business expansion to carry out their work effectively!

As the training came to a close, Mr. Huang Rongtian, Chairman of GIEC, presented a closing statement in which he set higher expectations for the employees taking part in the training. He expressed the hope that training participants will improve their in-depth thinking and grasp of theoretical information. He hoped that the training participants would improve their customer management mindset, build a methodological system with professional marketing perspectives, and then use it at the specific operational level to boost their own marketing practical ability in all aspects!

GIEC has been committed to building a learning organization, attaching great importance to the cultivation of staff's learning ability, and actively exploring new ways to improve the team's learning ability. The marketing management training session not only answered staff queries about their work, but also improved the sales team's marketing management abilities. GIEC has achieved successful outcomes through constant internal and external training activities, and employees have improved their comprehensive quality through information exchange and idea collision in the training course, which also makes the firm vibrant!

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