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Inheriting Culture and Consolidating Strength——The Celebration of the 24th Anniversary of GIEC Successfully Ended

Release time:2023-11-10

Time flies and the four seasons flow. On November 10, 2023, GIEC Company celebrated the 24th anniversary.

At the celebration, Mr. Chaoyang Gu, General Manager of GIEC, delivered a speech on stage. He stated that over the past year, GIEC has made significant progress in terms of customer quality, project difficulty, and overall service capabilities. In the face of the current global economic environment, in order for GIEC Company to reach a new level, we need the joint efforts of all GIEC people!

Subsequently, Mr.Rongtian Huang, Chairman of GIEC, delivered a speech on stage. Firstly, on behalf of the shareholders, Mr. Huang sincerely thanked every employee who has put in hard work for the company.He believes that the future development of GIEC will definitely be better and better. At the same time, for the new colleagues who joined this year, He hopes that everyone can realize their life value in GIEC and live up to their youth.

At the dinner party, music and games alternated, bringing an unforgettable feast to everyone. The first program of this celebration is the song choir "GIEC Dream, My Dream". Colleagues from the Software R&D Department of the Audio Products Business Unit expressed their spirit of unity, cooperation, and striving forward through this song.

The song features a solo performance of 'Towards Midnight in the Morning', a choir of 'Old Boy', and a choir of 'Waves Blossoming'. The three programs took turns, and the beautiful melody immersed everyone in a joyful atmosphere, gradually pushed the dinner party to a climax.

The game segment at the dinner party was even more tense and exciting, with guessing red envelopes, fun pitchers, and a big power competition. Everyone actively participated and enjoyed the joy of the game and interaction. Expectations and cheers filled the entire venue.

After the performance and game sessions, everyone was still immersed in a warm atmosphere and was not satisfied. Time slowly passed, and everyone raised their glasses to celebrate the day of GIEC 24th anniversary together. This anniversary celebration not only allows the people of GIEC to have a better understanding of the company's history and culture, but also enhances everyone's cohesion and centripetal force, injecting new strength into the future development of GIEC. In the future, GIEC will continue to make efforts, forge ahead, take the path of high-quality development, and contribute to social development.

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