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The Passion of the 2023 "GIEC Industrial Park Cup" Basketball Tournament Ends Excitedly

Release time:2023-12-13

After the popularity of "Village BA" across the internet, "Factory BA" also sounded the horn in the GIEC Industrial Park. On December 4th, the 2023 "GIEC Industrial Park Cup" basketball tournament kicked off, with six representative teams from GIEC Company and its sister companies participating in the competition. The competition lasted for 7 days and adopted a large round robin format, with a total of 14 games played.

After intense competition, the GIEC R&D team and the GIEC sales team successfully entered the finals, both demonstrating outstanding strength and team spirit, making the outcome of the competition unpredictable and highly anticipated.

As the referee's whistle blew, the championship race officially began, and the atmosphere on site became lively. On the final stage, the two teams competed against each other, fiercely competing. After aiming for the right moment, a series of movements such as dribbling and shooting were coherent and graceful, as if they were all in one go, causing the audience to shout in unison. In the second half of the game, the GIEC sales team was slightly behind in the score. They displayed an unwavering competitive spirit, never letting go of any scoring opportunities, and actively pulled back the score, pushing the game atmosphere to a climax.

At the game scene, there were many relatives, friends, and colleagues watching, shouting the names of the players and cheering them on. On site cheers, applause, and cheers continued, and as the score changed, everyone's mood also fluctuated.

On the field, the strong meet and face off unstoppably; Off the field, the audience cheered and their voices rose higher and higher. After the countdown ended, the score was locked at 64:56, and the GIEC R&D team won the championship of the competition. The GIEC sales team and the GIEC manufacturing team respectively won the runner up and third place in this basketball tournament.

After the competition, all the efforts and sweat turned into the joy and glory of victory. Amidst joyful applause, Mr. Huang Rongtian, Chairman of GIEC, presented awards to the champion, runner up, and third place teams of this basketball tournament and took a group photo to commemorate the successful conclusion of the 2023 GIEC Industrial Park Cup.

In the name of basketball, ignite passion and youth. The 2023 GIEC Industrial Park Cup basketball game fully embodies GIEC's corporate spirit of "integrity, responsibility, and pursuit of excellence". The enthusiastic and exciting basketball game further enriched the cultural and sports life of colleagues, strengthened communication and exchange among colleagues, and created a good atmosphere of happy work and healthy life.

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