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Striving for Excellence, Achieving Excellence—GIEC's 2023 Annual Summary and Planning Meeting & 2024 Spring Festival Gala Held Grandly

Release time:2024-01-29

Time flies, and the journey ahead stretches like a rainbow. In 2024, a new chapter begins. To better embrace the challenges of the new year, on January 27, 2024, GIEC Corporation held a grand annual summary and 2024 work planning meeting under the theme of "Striving for Excellence, Achieving Excellence." The management team and all employees of GIEC Corporation were full of enthusiasm, actively participating in the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Bajie, Deputy General Manager of the AIoT Business Unit and Manager of the AIoT Sales Department. The general managers of various business units of GIEC, as well as the directors of procurement and quality, spoke successively, reporting on the work performance and achievements of 2023, and proposing performance goals and work ideas for 2024. The leaders of each business unit expressed that in the face of the complex and ever-changing market environment, we must remain steadfast in our beliefs, excel in our own roles, and surely seize new opportunities!

After listening to the work plans of the general managers and directors of each business unit, Wensheng Hui, Deputy General Manager of GIEC, General Manager Gu Chaoyang, and Chairman Huang Rongtian successively summarized the overall operation of the company in 2023 and put forward new requirements for the work in 2024.

From a management perspective, Deputy General Manager Wensheng Hui made requirements and suggestions for managers, R&D personnel, and business personnel. General Manager Gu Chaoyang made a comprehensive analysis and review of the achievements of 2023, analyzed the business model of GIEC in detail, and pointed out that we must see ourselves clearly, believe in ourselves, challenge ourselves, and achieve excellence!

Finally, Chairman Huang Rongtian of GIEC expressed in his speech that the future of the enterprise must be a competition for talents. He hopes that every GIEC person can display their talents in GIEC, persist in learning, continuously improve, and always believe that hard work will pay off!

After the exciting summary and planning meeting, the vibrant 2024 Spring Festival Gala followed. The GIEC 2024 Spring Festival Gala is not only a review of the past year but also a prospect for the coming year. The lively atmosphere, along with the performance of the song "Good Days," added a strong festive atmosphere to the Spring Festival Gala. Subsequently, GIEC's traditional program "GIEC Dream, My Dream" was performed, igniting the audience's enthusiasm. The song conveyed GIEC's corporate culture, evoking the audience's initial dreams, touching hearts, and spreading positive energy.

The lively and inspiring programs immediately brought the atmosphere of the gala into a joyful and festive mood. In order to further commend outstanding employees and teams, the award presentation session began. The first award presented was the "Outstanding Employee Award," which aims to recognize those employees who have been proactive and made outstanding contributions to the company in the past year. Then, awards such as the Outstanding Newcomer Award, Sales Champion Award, and Outstanding Department Award were presented, which not only affirmed and encouraged the winners but also motivated and inspired all employees.

As the awards were presented, the atmosphere at the gala reached its climax, with the audience enthusiastically applauding the winners. Finally, Chairman Huang Rongtian of GIEC stated that all employees of the company should take them as role models, work hard, and continue to make progress!

At the annual meeting, wonderful performances were staged one after another, showcasing not only the talents and creativity of the employees but also the cultural atmosphere and team spirit of the company. There were skits, solo and group singing, among others, bringing much joy to everyone.

During the performances at the annual meeting, various lucky draw sessions were interspersed, and the audience actively participated, creating a lively atmosphere. The lively and exciting annual meeting not only allowed GIEC employees to relax and enjoy happy times but also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team.

With the colorful stage lights, accompanied by singing, toasting, laughter, reflecting on the faces of the steadfast GIEC people, 2023 was a year of hard work and joy. In 2024, the dream-chasing footsteps will not stop, and all GIEC employees will continue to strive for excellence, believing in the promising future of 2024!

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