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Gathering Strength for Innovation, Working Together for Win Win | GIEC Held the 2024 Supplier Conference

Release time:2024-03-04

On March 1st, the GIEC 2024 Supplier Conference was grandly held at the Shenzhen Zhonghai Kaili Hotel, focusing on innovation and win-win cooperation. GIEC and other suppliers from across the country gathered together to summarize their experiences, discuss the future together, and jointly open a new chapter of win-win cooperation.

After the start of the conference, the first speaker on stage was Chen Xiaoping, the Procurement Director of GIEC. He shared the theme of "Managing the Dimensions of Suppliers" and summarized the supply chain situation for the whole year of 2023. At present, the world economy is becoming increasingly globalized, with frequent trade between countries and intensifying market competition, which puts higher demands on GIEC's innovation ability, product quality, and supply chain system. Faced with these challenges,GIEC will continue to innovate, gather strength, and progress together with its supplier partners, using innovative means to achieve the ultimate in its products.

Subsequently, Wen Shenghui, Deputy General Manager of GIEC, delivered a speech at the conference. Mr. Wen first introduced the basic situation of supply chain management and stated that GIEC cooperates with supplier partners with an open and inclusive attitude. In the process of development, GIEC has always attached great importance to innovation, improving production efficiency and quality, continuously investing in three-dimensional information technology and transforming production technology, and continuously enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise. Finally, Mr. Wen advocates for everyone to develop new quality productivity together and walk further together.

General Manager Gu Chaoyang of GIEC introduced GIECs organizational structure to everyone and demonstrated GIEC's capabilities and advantages to supplier partners. GIEC has been deeply involved in the audiovisual industry for more than 20 years, with rich experience in product customization and strong industry information synergy. In terms of research and development implementation, GIEC has the ability to develop products in multiple technical fields, has mastered scientific and rigorous research and development control processes, and has reliable and complete design verification capabilities. In terms of product delivery, GIEC has standardized quality management processes, lean production and manufacturing systems, stable and long-term supply chain support, and continuous promotion and iteration of information systems.

GIEC has gained recognition from numerous top customers with its honest and responsible corporate style and customer-oriented business philosophy. General Manager Gu Chaoyang of GIEC stated that GIEC's achievements today cannot be achieved without the support of its supplier partners. He hopes that through this meeting, we can strengthen the connection between our supplier partners and GIEC, deepen mutual trust, and work together to write a brilliant tomorrow.

Finally, GIEC Chairman Huang Rongtian took the stage to present the summary of the GIEC Supplier Conference. Mr.Huang mentioned that in the development process of over 20 years, the product has undergone multiple iterations, which cannot be separated from the support of upstream and downstream suppliers. Mr.Huang called for sincere and full communication, mutual support, and win-win cooperation between GIEC and suppliers.

GIEC's 2024 Supplier Conference gathered multiple industry-leading suppliers and presented the "Excellent Supplier Award" to six of them on site. In years of cooperation, GIEC and its suppliers have trusted each other and jointly addressed market challenges. The "Excellent Supplier Award" is not only a recognition of GIEC's suppliers, but also an incentive for more suppliers. We hope that GIEC's supplier partners will continue to work hard, carry out deep cooperation, symbiosis, co creation, and value sharing, and achieve win-win results in the development process!

After the award ceremony, the representative of the supplier, Mr.Wang (Haoshanghao Information Technology Co., Ltd.), took the stage to speak, stating that cooperation with GIEC is a "win-win" situation and thanking GIEC for his trust over the years. In the process of cooperating with GIEC, I fully felt that GIEC is a company with strength, rules, and warmth. I am willing to continue to work together with GIEC for development and growth in the future.

After the speech, the 2024 Supplier Conference Dinner of GIEC officially began. GIEC Chairman Huang Rongtian led the company's executives to raise a glass to celebrate, and in a warm atmosphere, everyone looked forward to a beautiful blueprint for the future together.

Looking back on the past, the joint cooperation between GIEC and its supplier partners has enhanced mutual dependence and trust, and the support of supplier partners has provided assistance for GIEC's continuous development. In the future, GIEC will continue to grow and progress, adhere to the path of innovation, work together with supplier partners to innovate, work together for win-win, and create a better future.

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