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GIEC was invited to participate in the GAS|2024 Global Audio Summit

Release time:2024-04-07

From March 27th to 28th, the 2024 Global Audio Summit (GAS), hosted by the China Electronic Audio Industry Association, was grandly held. The summit featured two keynote forums and ten thematic forums, focusing on the innovation and application of audio technology, and exploring how to strengthen the industry's basic technology and improve the overall level of the industry chain. The conference invited over a hundred distinguished speakers, nearly a thousand domestic and foreign electronic industry leaders, industry experts, and cross-disciplinary elites to jointly explore the future trends of the intelligent audio industry. As a vice president enterprise of the China Electronic Audio Industry Association, GIEC was invited to attend the conference.

During the roundtable discussions, experts expressed their insights and views, engaging in in-depth exchanges and discussions on the future development of the audio industry, and sharing the latest research findings, technological breakthroughs, and application practices. Yin Zhe, General Manager of the Audio Products Division of GIEC, as a forum guest, delivered a thematic report on "Digital Signal Processing and Analysis." He analyzed the key points of signal processing technology in consumer audio products from four dimensions: digital signal processing fundamentals, fixed-point operation constraint analysis, signal chain analysis, and replay sound effect algorithms. He also presented GIEC's own solutions, emphasizing that through advanced DSP technology and intelligent algorithms, GIEC audio products can deliver outstanding performance in terms of sound quality, sound effects, and user experience.


As a company deeply rooted in the field of audio and video products for over 20 years, GIEC continuously maintains its innovation capabilities and has launched audio products that excel in sound quality, sound effects, and user experience. With the advent of the multimedia era, audio technology is facing unprecedented development opportunities and challenges. Through continuous innovation and breakthroughs, it will certainly meet people's demand for high-quality audio experiences.

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