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Social Responsibility

Environment protection

GIEC located in the core area of Shenzhen International Low Carbon City,has a modern park with construction area of 150,000 square meters,which is the global benchmark low-carbon development comprehensive demonstration area. The building of GIEC industrial park have successively obtained the two-star certification of national green industrial building, two-star certification of national green civil building and silver certificate of Shenzhen green building.

GIEC industrial park adopts low-carbon construction, continuously establish adn improve the low-carbon management mode of the whole park, so as to promote energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon reduction in the par.In terms of environmental protection, GIEC industrial park adopts enclosure structure energy saving technology, air conditioning system energy saving technology, lighting system, solar hot water system of energy-saving technology, and other equipment and energy saving technology, rainwater collection recycle system, water-saving appliances and water equipment, green materials, landscape ecology, physical environment optimization technology, building equipment monitor system and so on more than 10 energy conservation and emissions reduction technologies.

Production safety

GIEC industrial park is equipped with automatic ultra-high-speed vision chip mounter, which adopts advanced intelligent vision system and precision four-dimensional motion system, making the chip mounter process intelligent and fully automatic, overlooking the high definition computer vision camera, with high mounting precision, eliminating possible errors in manual operation and greatly improving production efficiency.Dynamic system design to minimize vibration and noise, so that employees are not affected by noise;Mature and advanced reliability design, greatly reduce downtime to achieve high efficiency production; also can configure different functional components and parts according to different requirements.Advanced production technology has greatly increased the production capacity of GIEC, not only reducing the cost, but also shortening the production cycle of products, which provides a strong guarantee for the global sales of GIEC products.At the same time, the low power consumption and easy maintenance of the production equipment meet the requirements of GIEC company to set up an environment protection production line.

Social public welfare

GIEC will fulfill its social responsibilities, protect and promote social development as a business strategy,actively participate in social assistance center donation activities, planting trees, sponsoring the 2003 National Windsurfing Championships,Shenzhen Vehicle Model open,China Cup Sailing various sports events such as competitions, sponsoring the technology culture festival of Guangdong Huali Vocational and Technical School, also another social welfare activities, and established a good social image and brand image.

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